Spaces available for rent at Champaign Town Center in Champaign

Available Retail Space in Champaign

Call it unique or a favorite community hangout, but no matter what, you can call Champaign Town Center home. Here customers can find shopping that inspires them in a location that’s close to where they live, work, and raise their families.  Seen by over 20,000 cars per day, the center’s high traffic volumes allow you to position your business in a thriving retail environment. High household incomes in the area also contribute to tenants’ success at Champaign Town Center. By leasing at Champaign Town Center, you will also keep company with some of the most exciting and sought-after retailers in the nation.

Looking for available retail space in Champaign, IL? Visit Champaign Town Center to see fantastic opportunities offered in a vibrant retail environment. Champaign Town Center has all the attributes you need to help your company or facility thrive in an ideal central U.S. location. Combined with our own top-of-the-line retailers, this center is the perfect place for a business that wants to position itself among the very best. Contact us today to learn more about leasing retail space at one of Central Illinois’s premier retail centers.